Pick of the week

Because this is the first ‘Pick of the week’ post, I decided to pick three things I feel are worth mentioning.

1. Pinterest launches secret boards and company profiles

Pinterest has exploded in the social media context by cleverly mixing two emerging trends – visuals and online sharing. It wasn’t long before they started thinking about brands’ presence on it and how to enhance and optimise this. As a natural development of the platform, they’ve introduced company profiles and secret boards, visible only to the user. More on this development here.

I can now secretly pin embarrassing stuff like wedding dresses and puppies. Yay!

Joke aside, the new thing Pinterest needs to figure out/negotiate is how to pin photos from Facebook. That would be awesome.

And a nice little guide from Social Media Examiner – 26 Tips for using Pinterest for Businesses.I do love a good guide.

2. Facebook introduces real gifts for friends

Facebook are testing this in the US at the moment and will launch it officially in a few weeks. Will they really? I might be tempted by the cupcakes. It still feels strange to be able to do this on Facebook. Let’s watch this space.

3. Instagram web profiles

I like Instagram. I get, I use it. But will I be managing an online profile like Facebook? Not tempted yet. But I can see this becoming very popular, especially for those passionate about photography and art. It’s like an online portfolio for amateur photographers. Oh, and brands will love it. Starbucks is making the most of it. So is Innocent Smoothies, to name two of my favourite brands.

Check out this article from Mashable.

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